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18 Gorgeous Natural & Organic Lip Glosses of 2021

PUBLISHED: 07/16/2019 | LAST UPDATED: 02/26/2020


Licensed Aesthetician 

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Lip glosses may have lost their “sheen” over the years, but this ‘90s staple is making a comeback. Today’s natural lip glosses, however, are a far cry from their ultra-shiny, Vaseline-esque glossy predecessors. Resembling juicy organic lip sticks and made with luscious natural plant butters, organic fruit pigments, and antioxidant rich botanicals, it’s hard not to fall in love with a good natural lip gloss. 

Conventional lip glosses are made a bit differently than true organic lip glosses. A conventional lip gloss goes on smooth because of industrial by-products, petroleum jelly, and mineral oils. While some drugstore lip glosses may smell fantastic and come in a variety of stunning colors, those fragrances and colors are often synthetically derived and do nothing to benefit your skin. 

Of course, you don’t have to give up the bright colors and luscious textures of your favorite lip gloss when you switch to a natural formula. Rest assured that you can still have all of the shine, tastes + scents, and vibrant colors with an organic lip gloss. Natural lip glosses simply use high quality active botanicals instead of synthetic fillers to achieve their stunning glows. Best of all, these natural ingredients are capable of nourishing your skin from the inside out. Not only do you get beautiful, kissable, and yummy lips with a natural gloss, you also get moisturized and healthy looking lips underneath. 

Organic lip glosses are brimming with naturally anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E, green tea, and berries which work to protect the fragile lip barrier. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are especially beneficial for the lips which have a difficult time retaining moisture (3).  Instead of synthetic colors, natural lip glosses use earth minerals, fruits, and vegetables (iron oxides, mica, strawberries, pomegranate, blueberry skin, grape skin, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, tomatoes) which lend their rich pigments as a natural lip stain. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary, Bulgarian rose, and peppermint offer antibacterial properties as well as natural fragrance. Think of your investment in an organic lip gloss as an investment in skin care for your lips. 

Unfortunately, finding a true organic and all natural lip gloss can be quite a challenge. It seems like every brand is jumping on the clean beauty bandwagon, but consensus on what qualifies as “clean” is lacking in cosmetics. Thus, thousands of brands are claiming to be clean, natural, and organic with no oversight. That’s why our team of experts set out to find the best truly natural and organic lip glosses on the market. To us, organic and all natural means made without synthetic dyes and fragrances (1), parabens (2), phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, and any other ingredients on our prohibited list. All of the natural lip glosses on this list 1) meet our ingredient standards and 2) are well reviewed by our testers and/or customers across the web. To quickly find the best lip gloss for you, use our FILTER function to sort these products by vegan lip glosses, gluten-free lip glosses, and 100% natural lip glosses. Enjoy!


*100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented All Natural Lip Gloss ($22)

We could not be more in love with these natural lip glosses from 100% Pure. First and foremost, the five beautiful shades of this lip gloss get their pretty hues from real fruit & herb pigments. We're talking turmeric, pomegranate, red wine (yum!), blackberries, cherries, cranberries, and many more. In fact, the whole formula is basically a berry party. The formula itself is super slick and moisturizing without being overly glossy. The applicator wand is oh so soft and makes applying this lip gloss a real treat. [...]


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*The Organic Skin Co – All About The Gloss Organic Lipgloss ($30)

An organic lip gloss with only a few organic and natural ingredients. Available in four natural shades, some including shimmer, some semi-clear and some with full-bodied pigments, this lip gloss is the perfect addition to your makeup bag. Filled with replenishing oils like castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil and jojoba seed oil to help keep your lips in great condition. The addition of supercritical calendula extract helps protect the lips against cell damaging free radicals. Free of harsh chemicals.

*HAN – Organic Lip Gloss

An organic lip gloss made with argan oil and acai oil as the base to moisturize and hydrate lips. Infused with anti-aging super-fruit extracts and vitamins as well as plant and vegetable pigments to benefit and nourish the skin. You won’t find any toxic ingredients or irritants in this lip gloss. The color comes from plant and mineral-based pigments like beetroot and iron oxides. This antioxidant-rich gloss comes in 6 shades and not only smells delicious, but also has great color payoff.

*Vapour Organic Beauty – Elixir Organic Lip Gloss ($25)

A pure and all natural lip gloss formula that gives lips a boost of moisture to create a plumper pout. This natural lip gloss is perfect for achieving a more full, voluptuous look without irritants or harmful ingredients. Offering versatile color, dimension and shine, this flattering lip gloss comes in multiple shades. Infused with antioxidants like green tea, goji and acai berry and rejuvenating botanicals like lemon balm, iceland moss and jojoba oil. This lip gloss is deeply hydrating and doesn’t feel sticky.

*Kari Gran – Organic Lip Whip Lip Gloss ($20)

These gorgeous lip whips are a mix between a balm and a lipstick. There are 8 beautiful shades available ranging from nudes and pinks to a deep red. This all natural lipstick is versatile, subtle and moisturizes lips rather than temporarily masking dehydration. It goes on smooth like butter and is infused with primarily organic ingredients like castor seed oil, beeswax and sunflower oil. Can be applied by itself or layered on top of another lipstick to soften the brightness and add some shimmer.

*Lily Lolo – Natural Lip Gloss

A delicious natural lip gloss that gives lips a nonstop glistening shine. Packed with vitamin E and organic jojoba to nourish and protect lips, this gloss is vegan friendly except for English Rose, Bitten Pink, Scandalips, Cocktail, which contain beeswax for antibacterial protection. Expect a smooth, even application that doesn’t feel sticky. This gloss has good staying power and smells yummy with a hint of chocolate flavor. Available in 9 shades that each have a slight change in natural ingredients.

*Hush + Dotti – Organic Lip Gloss ($22)

A vegan and organic lip gloss packed with moisturizing ingredients to hydrate and nourish your lips. Available in 10 shades, this organic lip gloss is the perfect touch to any look. Formulated with vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter to deliver the ultimate hydration for your lips so they don’t dry out. This lip gloss doesn’t feel sticky at all and provides a nice sheer, but still highly-pigmented finish. You can expect high quality results, without the toxins for healthy looking lips.

*Juice Beauty – Phyto-Pigments Liquid Organic Lipgloss ($24)

A yummy natural lip gloss colored with plant-derived pigments for bold, vibrant color. Formulated to condition lips and smooth lines away with the combination of phyto-pigments, cold-pressed oils and a fruit stem cell serum. The key ingredients found in this lip gloss are sunflower oil (to protect from free radicals), shea butter (moisturizing) and jojoba oil (reduce redness caused by inflammation). It feels a little more watery than other glosses, so it doesn’t leave lips feeling sticky.

*RMS Beauty – Organic Lip Shine Lipgloss ($24)

These sheer organic lip glosses add a pop of shine and a hint of color to your lips. These aren't lip colors that will last all day, but are more like light natural glosses with subtle color. They are made with certified organic ingredients like coconut oil, castor seed oil, buriti oil, carnauba wax, cocoa butter, beeswax, and rosemary extract. Does contain titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and mica for shimmer. Mica and castor oil may be drying for sensitive lips.

*100% Pure – Gemmed All Natural Lipgloss ($15)

A natural lip gloss that combines a moisturizing base of shea butter and pomegranate seed oil with glossy, sheer color derived from natural fruit pigments and extracts, such as blackberry, raspberry and cranberry. The subtle sparkle is from semi-precious stones, including moonstone and pyrite. This beautiful, lightweight lip gloss is for all skin types and can be used alone or over your favorite lipstick or lip stain. Not only does it smell delicious, it’s moisturizing and lasts for hours.

*NU Evolution – Organic Lip Gloss

Bring a beautiful yet nourishing splash of shine to your lips with NuEvolution’s natural lip gloss. Formulated with both natural and organic ingredients, these beauties are a super clean way to get some pretty color to the lips without being too sticky or bold. Perfect for those seeking a mix between a lip gloss and lipstick as the colors are sheer yet buildable. Available in 17 shades and made with a nourishing blend of cocoa and shea butter, coconut, castor and jojoba oil to moisturize the lips.

*Ere Perez – Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint ($26)

A long-lasting bright cherry red organic lip gloss. This water-based formula features organic beetroot extract to nourish and hydrate skin as well as rosehip oil for its antioxidant, astringent and anti-aging properties. Quickly creates flushed, rosy cheeks or vibrant long-lasting cherry red color to your lips. A little goes a long way, so use this lipgloss sparingly for softer color or a more for a more intense red if desired. Rich in antioxidants and free of harsh chemicals.

*Juice Beauty – Phyto-Pigments Sheer Lip Gloss ($22)

A sheer natural lip gloss that has potential to become a regular in your makeup bag. Crafted with a plant blend of vegetable glycerin, jojoba and phospholipids to increase hydration and smoothness in your lips, this lip gloss is great for all skin types. Delivers a beautiful shine and a subtle shimmer without being sticky and is available in three neutral and versatile shades that are perfect for a low maintenance look. Provides antioxidant protection with vitamin C & E and free from harsh chemicals.

*Tata Harper – Tinted Lip Treatment Gloss ($32)

A gorgeous raspberry-red tinted, youth-giving lip treatment that nourishes, hydrates and plumps to give you full, soft lips while also minimizing the look of wrinkles. (Also available in clear/sheer). Free from toxins, fillers, artificial colors and fragrances, this natural lip gloss is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, green tea and cocoa seed butter just to name a few. The color, wear, formula and even the presentation are very high quality. You’ll want to purchase it for the sleek [...]

*W3ll People – Bio Extreme Natural Lip Gloss ($15)

A multi-purpose natural lip gloss formulated with really yummy all natural ingredients. Activated with peptide technology and liquid crystals, this unique lip stain volumizes and hydrates lips. Blended with nourishing ingredients like organic aloe, coconut and grapeseed oil to create a luminous shine and soothe lips. The formulation is not sticky or runny and provides lasting naturally beautiful coverage. One thing to note is it contains an organic cinnamon flavor to give the gloss a yummy taste.

*Inika – Certified Organic Lip Glaze ($25)

This certified organic lip gloss was specifically formulated to provide nourishing hydration and care for the lips, while adding a glossy splash of color. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like rosehip, jojoba and candelilla wax to soothe lips and prevent any dryness. This gloss can be worn on its own to add subtle color and shine or layered over a lip pencil or lipstick for a vibrant pop of color. All 7 shades feature a subtle shimmer and have a beautiful citrus scent from essential oil.

*Sappho New Paradigm- Organic Lip Gloss ($25)

An organic blend of moisturizing oils, butters and waxes to create a luxurious lip gloss. Enriched with flavonoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants and super gentle on the lips. This vegan lip gloss comes in three shades that are sweetened with lemongrass and a touch of stevia for a sweet touch. Each shade is deeply pigmented and has a naturally thick consistency to hold their color. It has been referred to as a ‘liquid lipstick’ by retailers and known for their smooth, evenly pigmented application.

*Fitglow Beauty – Lip Gloss Color Serum ($42)

A lip color serum that goes beyond just adding color and hydration to the lips. This natural lip gloss gives a very juicy, plump, glossy look to the lips without feeling heavy, sticky or irritating. Filled with skin-loving ingredients like beetroot, pomegranate, shea butter and coconut to improve lip cell structure and health to diminish fine lines while leaving lips soft and full. You can use this lip serum on clean lips or over lipstick for a more defined look. Ethically sourced ingredients.


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1. Fragrance

2. (2008) Paraben esters: review of recent studies of endocrine toxicity, absorption, esterase and human exposure, and discussion of potential human health risks.

3. (2008) Location-related differences in structure and function of the stratum corneum with special emphasis on those of the facial skin.



The product contains only natural ingredients (non-synthetic or lab created). It does not contain anything artificial or synthetic.



The product has been formulated with 100% organically sourced and/or certified organic ingredients.



This product does not contain ingredients which have been genetically modified.



All of the ingredients contained in the product are free from gluten, wheat, and ingredients which are commonly contaminated with gluten.



The product is made without animal products or byproducts such as beeswax, honey, milk, eggs, etc.



The product has received an official organic certification from a third party organization such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Certified Organic), ECOCERT, Australian Certified Organic, and others.


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