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23 Best Natural & Nourishing Hair Conditioners of 2021


If you’ve been searching for an organic conditioner, then welcome to your new favorite list (bookmark it now and thank us later)! To create this list of top organic conditioners, we began our research with over 200 “natural” products. In the end, only 23 conditioning products met our standards. In order to make it onto this list, each organic conditioner had to meet the following standards.

What makes a good natural hair conditioner?

1) MUST actually contain organic ingredients 2) MUST NOT contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, oxybenzone, ethoxylated ingredients, polysorbates, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, triclosan, TEA/DEA, synthetic fragrances and colors, and anything else from our list of prohibited ingredients and 3) MUST primarily consist of all-natural ingredients.

Tips for switching to organic hair conditioner

Making the switch to an organic conditioner may take a little patience on your part. Natural conditioners rely on vegetable oils, vitamins, and other Great Organic Conditioner Ingredients to replenish hair from the inside out. Until you fully remove the unnatural residues left over from conventional products your hair may actually feel drier and more tangled when using an organic conditioner. To remove this build-up fast, you’ll need to conduct a simple apple cider vinegar detox. All you have to do is mix ¼ cup organic apple cider vinegar into 2 cups of water and thoroughly rinse with this solution once per week. This will help to eliminate any residual grime leftover from conventional products.

Looking for a great shampoo to go along with your new organic conditioner? Then check out our list of the 20 Best Organic Shampoos That Are Actually Non-Toxic. Sadly, many of the brands on our list of the best organic shampoos did not make it onto this list of the top conditioners. Why? Because they didn’t meet our ingredient standards. A brand may use totally non-toxic ingredients in one product and then turn around and use not-so-great ingredients in another product. This is why it is so important to read every ingredient label instead of putting your trust in a brand name.


*100% Pure – Moisture Drench Conditioner ($34)

Another fantastic all-natural, sulfate-free, and organic conditioner from 100% Pure. This conditioner is designed to drench your hair in ultra-hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, cucumbers, chamomile, argan oil, and hyaluronic acid to add an almost instantaneous boost of moisture. Fans of 100% Pure love to use this conditioner as a daily treatment because it doesn't weigh hair down. As a bonus, it also has an intoxicating citrus smell.

*True Botanicals – All Natural Nourishing Conditioner ($34)

A wonderful shampoo & conditioner set from True Botanicals. While this product is designed for all hair types, it works great for those needing a little extra scalp cleansing without stripping their hair. The shampoo uses a gentle plant-based lactic acid to help remove dandruff and excess oil. It’s super sudsy (naturally from coconut), sulfate free, and packed with super nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and beautiful citrus oils.


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*Acure Organics – Pear & Fig Beauty Body Organic Conditioner

We love Acure hair care products because they get the job done at an affordable price. This Pear & Fig Shampoo & Conditioner combo combines ultra-hydrating ingredients together to smooth and soften frizzy hair. Key ingredients include prickly pear cactus oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, acai extract, argan oil, and rooibos leaf. We like it because out of all of the options from Acure, this one definitely adds the most moisture (and smells fantastic!). Highly recommended for those with dry hair in need of a budget friendly clean solution.

*St. Tropica – USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil Conditioner

This truly potent USDA certified organic deep conditioning treatment works like a charm for curly and ultra-dry hair. To use, you simply heat the packet up to temperature (the instructions call for a microwave, but we used a cup of hot water instead) and then apply the yummy formula to your hair. Leave on for at least 20 minutes (overnight works best) and rinse. Made with coconut oil, biotin, horsetail, hibiscus, green tea, and coconut butter.

*Rahua – Hydration Organic Conditioner ($36)

All we can say is---wow! This stuff transforms dry hair. Using a combination of morete oil (packed with vitamins and protects against UVA damage), Rahua oil (rare Amazonian nut oil), sacha inchi (omega fatty acid rich seeds), and mango sugars which help increase hydration, this stuff performs like no other hair care products on the market. The scent is light, but really pretty and the formula goes on nice and thick. Leaves even the most stubborn hair feeling oh so soft. Works well for all hair types – but provides a ton of moisture for curly and thicker hair types.

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*Nurture My Body – Nourishing Fragrance Free Organic Conditioner

Fragrance free and made with all-natural + 16 certified organic ingredients, this organic conditioner is ideal for those with exceptionally sensitive scalps. It does a great job of moisturizing without leaving any residue behind, yet it leaves hair feeling ultra-soft. Great for daily use and can even be used as a light leave-in conditioner. Some notable ingredients include macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, marshmallow root, and comfrey.

*100% Pure – Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Organic Conditioner ($30)

Eliminate dry, itchy, irritated, and dandruff ridden scalp conditions with this healing organic conditioner. Harsh chemicals can strip your hair and scalp of healthy oils leaving your scalp irritated and thirsty. This organic conditioner is made with totally natural and organic ingredients that won't wash away beneficial oils. Ingredients like neem, thyme, rosemary, and nettles all work to soothe and replenish even the most sensitive scalps.

*Acure Organics – Ultra Hydrating Argan & Pumpkin Organic Conditioner

Acure Organic's shampoos & conditioners make this list because they are free from questionable chemicals and packed with natural and organic ingredients. These argan and pumpkin formulas are designed for all hair types, but especially those seeking a blast of moisture. Both products have a mild herbal scent from the natural oils and extracts, but neither is overpowering. The shampoo creates a nice lather and leaves a hint of the argan oil behind for softness (which some thinner hair types have found to be too greasy).


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*100% Pure – Grow More Organic Conditioner ($34)

This nutrient-rich organic conditioner does all of the things that you'd want a good conditioner to do: detangles, smooths, softens, hydrates, and encourages hair growth all with completely natural and organic ingredients. Customers rave that this conditioner really does make their hair look and feel fuller after just a few uses. Key hair boosting ingredients include biotin, apple cider vinegar, green tea, coconut oil, turmeric, and argan oil.

*Rahua – Classic Organic Conditioner ($36)

This classic conditioner from Rahua is made with certified organic ingredients and is perfect for daily use. It contains the brand's signature Rahua oil, which nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. It also contains palo santo oil which gives the product an earthy scent. The conditioner is rich, silky, and does a great job at leaving hair feeling super soft. Other key and organic ingredients include aloe, green tea, rosemary, and raspberry leaf.

*Josh Rosebrook – Balance Organic Conditioner ($32)

Josh Rosebrook products are always impressive, and this organic conditioner is no exception. The Balance conditioner is designed to add volume and moisture to normal/oily hair types. This formula is almost entirely organic + wildcrafted. Star certified organic ingredients include aloe, coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, nettles, rosehips, ginseng, burdock, horsetail, peppermint, and rosemary leaf. What more does your hair need?

*100% Pure – Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Organic Conditioner ($30)

A nice lightweight conditioner suited for all hair types. It adds just the right amount of shine and hydration without weighing hair down or making it oily (perfect for curly hair types). Works great as a detangler and leaves hair feeling silky, smooth, and easy to run your fingers through. Best of all, it is made without any sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or harsh detergents. Features organic aloe juice, yuzu fruit, coconut oil, and avocado.

*Rahua – Color Full Organic Conditioner ($40)

Looking to keep your freshly dyed hair looking vibrant for weeks to come? Then, check out this beautifully color-preserving natural shampoo and conditioner combo from Rahua. Made with rare and potent ingredients like Amazonian Rahua oil, buriti seed oil, eclipta prostrata (literally "king of hair"), and gardenia flower for a lovely scent. We tested his formula on freshly dyed hair and noticed how vibrant our hair continued to look many weeks after treatment. You know that shine and bounce your hair has right after a good color job? Yeah, this keeps that going. Good stuff!

*Nature’s Brands – USDA Certified Organic Conditioner

This conditioner is so pure that it may actually take some getting used to. The USDA certified organic formula is made with ingredients designed to balance your hair's pH and add natural moisture that may have been stripped away from conventional hair products. It is very light and acts as a very mild conditioning rinse instead of a deep conditioning treatment. This conditioner is certainly an economical choice given the ingredient quality.

*100% Pure – Honey Virgin Coconut Organic Conditioner ($30)

An ideal organic conditioner for those with very dry, damaged, or brittle hair. Coconut oil and honey are the star ingredients, but it also contains lots of hair strengthening compounds such a vitamin B-5, nettle, avocado butter, kelp, rosemary, and certified organic aloe leaf juice. These ingredients work together to transform dry hair into a soft, easy to comb, and shiny mane. Best if paired with 100% Pure's companion Honey & Coconut Shampoo.

*Dr. Bronner’s – USDA Certified Organic Lavender & Coconut Conditioner

This USDA Certified Organic hair creme conditioner is actually best used as a light leave-in treatment after shampooing and towel drying. It is packed with nourishing, yet light ingredients like coconut, jojoba, avocado, hemp, and lavender oils. A little goes a long way, so simply comb a pump or two through slightly damp hair. The result is super manageable, soft, and de-frizzed hair. We found that this creme really reduces blow-drying time.

*Josh Rosebrook – Nourish Organic Conditioner ($32)

This organic conditioner formula from Josh Rosebrook is designed for drier hair textures in need of serious deep conditioning. The combination of certified organic oils, fatty acids, herbs, and vitamins work together to restore moisture to even the driest hair types. This formula contains certified organic vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, shea butter, horsetail, nettles, olive oil, cinnamon, peppermint, lavender, burdock, thyme, and calendula.


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*100% Pure – Kelp & Mint Volumizing Organic Conditioner ($30)

Sometimes, the secret to big voluminous hair is as simple as removing any residue that may be weighing your hair down. This minty organic conditioner helps to hydrate and smooth your hair without adding any gunk to weigh it down. The result is effortlessly bouncy and shiny hair. It is made with certified organic aloe vera juice as well as rose water, peppermint, kelp, calendula, honeysuckle, rosemary leaf, neem, and lavender oil (to name a few).

*Rahua – Voluminous Organic Conditioner ($36)

A nice organic voluminous conditioner formulated with nourishing Rahua oil (be careful of fake versions when buying from This formula adds a ton of shine and volume. Clarifying ingredients like lemongrass, eucalyptus, and green tea remove excess oils and dirt which allows your hair to feel weightless. The conditioner is rich and feels silky soft -- packs the big punch with more nourishing ingredients than the voluminous shampoo.

*Sky Organics – USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil Conditioner

Sometimes the best conditioners are the simplest. Pure coconut oil is a popular hair conditioner because it is packed with fatty acids and vitamins which strengthen the hair and follicles. It is also completely pure and non-irritating. In fact, coconut oil is packed with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which can soothe many scalp conditions. This pure coconut oil from Sky Organics can be used as a quick hair mask or left on overnight.

*Living Libations – Shine-On Organic Conditioner

We had never heard of Living Libations before trying this conditioner and we were quite skeptical given the high price tag; however, it didn't take long for us to become super fans. This completely organic and botanical conditioner has the power to make your hair slippery, soft, and detangled after just one use. It is made with softening ingredients like jojoba, aloe, rosewater, and scalp healing ingredients like apple cider vinegar and rosemary.

*Living Libations – True Blue Spirulina Organic Conditioner

An organic conditioner that some customers call a "magic potion." This rather unique botanical formula is unlike anything you've seen in a conditioner before. The main active ingredients are blue tansy, yarrow, chamomile, spirulina, and bladderwack seaweed. These compounds work together to clarify and calm irritated, dry, and flaky scalps. For curly hair, it is best if you shampoo lightly after using this conditioner to make combing easier.

*LoveFresh – Rosemary Spearmint Organic Conditioner ($25)

This 100% natural and plant-based conditioner from LoveFresh (a Toronto boutique brand) is packed with organic ingredients. Designed for those with damaged and color-treated hair, this formula adds hydration without removing any natural oils or color pigmentation. It has an herbal scent and a refreshing minty feel. Yummy organic ingredients include rosemary, lavender, horsetail, sage, nettle, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and aloe leaf juice.

Great Organic Conditioner Ingredients for Hair

There are many fantastic organic and all-natural ingredients that can do wonders for hair growth, volume, shine, and moisture. The ingredients below are just a few of our favorites and this list is by no means exhaustive.

Organic Shea Butter Ingredient for Organic Body Lotions

Shea Butter

Can help your hair grow by adding moisture and reducing scalp irritation; thus, creating a healthy environment for growth. Can also minimize damaged, dry, and split ends leading to healthier strands and longer locks.


Argan Oil

A great natural moisturizer and conditioner that helps to reduce dryness and add shine.


Horsetail Plant

A plant-rich in minerals like selenium and silica/silicon strengthens follicles, promotes the structural integrity of the follicle, and can help your hair grow over time.


Rosemary Leaf

Rosemary oil and rosemary leaf extract can help to treat dandruff, dry/itchy scalps, and help to prevent hair loss.


Apple Cider Vinegar

A gentle ingredient which cleanses the scalp and helps to remove dirt, oil, and product residue that may be weighing our hair down.


Castor Seed Oil

Works to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from follicles which may be inhibiting the absorption of nutrients needed for growth. Castor oil is also a potent antibacterial.

Organic Coconut Oil as Ingredient in Organic Body Lotions

Coconut Oil

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which can condition ends, help your hair grow, and treat bacterial infections of the scalp.

Organic Jojoba Oil as Ingredient in Organic Body Lotions

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is actually a wax which mimics the consistency of our natural sebum. Using products with jojoba oil can help to rebalance our scalp’s oil production and treat overly oil or overly dry scalp conditions.



A plant that is bursting with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and chlorophyll which all have the potential to slow or prevent hair loss.


Cetearyl Alcohol

Not all alcohols are bad for your hair. Plant-derived fatty alcohols (such as cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohols) actually help to keep it hydrated, smooth, and soft.

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