6 Non Toxic Natural & Organic Tea Tree Oil Face Washes

6 Non-Toxic Natural & Organic Tea Tree Oil Face Washes

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Tea tree oil is often used as a natural and effective spot treatment. But did you know that it can also cleanse your entire face? It just so happens that organic tea tree oil is a fantastic natural face wash ingredient. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and also keeps the skin’s natural moisture barriers intact. When choosing a tea tree oil face wash, it can be tough to find an organic product that truly works. Many products are diluted, or falsely boast outrageous claims. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the scientifically-proven benefits of tea tree oil for your face, along with how to make sure you’re choosing a product that will stand up to its claims.

What Are the Benefits of Tea Tree Oil?
Tea tree oil is a versatile, natural oil which is suitable for a wide range of skin types and issues. While it’s primarily known for combatting acne and oily skin, it’s also effective against eczema and dry skin when heavily diluted (1). Tea tree oil not only kills blemish-causing bacteria, but it reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation. Tea tree oil dries blemishes quickly and accelerates the healing process, while reducing the risk of scarring. Some conventional acne treatments such as benzoyl peroxide can overly dry the skin, while tea tree oil dries blemishes without causing scaliness or flaking (2).

How to Use a Tea Tree Oil Face Wash?
Use your organic tea tree oil face wash morning and night for the best results. You’ll find your blemishes may start to reduce and pop up far less regularly. The overall clarity and texture of your skin could show improvement and sebum production may also become more balanced and healthy. One thing you’ll notice when testing tea tree oil products is a distinct, earthy smell. Undiluted tea tree oil is incredibly pungent and can even make your eyes water if you get it too close! But when diluted and added to a natural face wash, the smell reduces to a fresh aroma.

By regularly using an organic tea tree oil face wash, excess sebum is controlled (3), blemishes will diminish, and your skin will take on an overall smooth, soft texture and appearance. Tea tree oil cleansers reach deep into the pores to get rid of the dirt and dead skin that cause clogged pores and blemishes. If you choose a face wash with moisturizing properties as well as tea tree oil, your skin will not only be cleansed, but also balanced in terms of moisture and healthy sebum levels. Ingredients such as oatmeal extract and organic aloe vera promote moisture without adding excess oil.  This helps reduce existing breakouts, and halt future breakouts in their tracks.

How to Choose an Organic Tea Tree Oil Face Wash?
When purchasing a tea tree oil face cleanser, first consider your skin type and which issues you’d like to treat. If it’s to acne or oily skin, choose a tea tree oil face wash with aloe, oatmeal, or green tea (redness-soothing ingredients). Avoid ingredients such as alcohol and benzoyl peroxide (dries and disrupts the natural oil balance of your skin even further). You want to manage the oiliness and kill the bacteria, but you don’t want to totally strip the skin. Doing this may result in even more oil being produced in reaction to unbalanced sebum. When looking for cleansers, you’ll come across foaming, cream, oil, and gel-based face washes. If you have combination skin (oily and prone to drying) you could choose a cream cleanser to keep it balanced. If you’re really struggling with oil, a foaming cleanser with gentle ingredients could be ideal. The foaming formula will remove the surface oil, but the gentle ingredients will prevent over-drying. Avoid harsh, acne cleaners which tend to leave the skin so dry that you’ll need to pile on more product in order to re-balance.

To help you choose an effective, yet gentle natural tea tree oil face wash, we’ve combed through dozens of products. At the end of our meticulous process in which we put products through the gauntlet of testing and ingredient research, we ended up with the following list of sulfate, parabens, phthalates, petrochemical + mineral oil, synthetic fragrance + dye, PEG compounds, and ethoxylated ingredient free organic tea tree oil face wash products. Enjoy!

100% Pure – Tea Tree Oil & Willow Acne Clear USDA Organic Cleanser ($34)

Acne sufferers rejoice! This USDA certified organic tea tree oil face wash gets in deep to clear pores, kill bacteria, and soothe inflamed skin. It contains a powerful dose of anti-bacterial tea tree oil (to combat acne), yet this cleanser is still non-drying and won't strip your skin's natural oils. Other potent blemish-fighting ingredients include neem oil, rosemary, lemon, and turmeric. Best for all skin-types with acne.

OSEA Malibu – Ocean Cleansing Mudd Organic Tea Tree Oil Cleanser ($44)

This Ocean Mudd Organic Tea Tree Cleanser from OSEA deeply purifies and balances combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. USDA certified organic brown algae and cypress oil draw out impurities and decongests without over-drying, while tea tree, peppermint and rosemary oils cool and refresh. You'll feel your skin tingle as this clarifying, exfoliant cleanser works its magic. Those with oily skin should use every day, while normal/dry types can use it as a deep cleaning treatment 1-2 times per week.

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Desert Essence – Thoroughly Clean Natural Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

This natural tea tree oil face wash from Desert Essentials does exactly what its name suggests: leaves your skin thoroughly clean (and silky). It's filled with natural ingredients like Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil (cleanses + helps improve skin’s texture), Hawaii’s fragrant Awapuhi plant (softens), extract of Goldenseal and Chamomile essential oil (soothing). Gentle yet effective, it's suitable for all skin types and helps improve skin clarity with regular use.

SW Basics – USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil Cleanser ($20)

This 100% USDA certified organic tea tree oil face wash is made with just three ingredients: organic rose water, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic tea tree oil. Simply soak a cotton pad with this cleanser, apply to the face (gently scrubbing to remove impurities), and then rinse off with water. It takes some getting used to, but it really does leave the skin clean, soft, and hydrated. Perfect for problem and sensitive skin.

Soapwalla – Activated Charcoal & Organic Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Not your grandmother's soap bar! This fan-favorite organic tea tree oil facial cleansing bar from Soapwalla is a real hidden for those with sensitive, oily, acne-prone, or generally problematic skin. It's made with the cleanest food-grade + organic ingredients (like tea tree oil, saponified oils, coconut fatty acids, and bamboo charcoal) that work to kill bacteria, tame oil, and gently remove impurities from the skin.

Herbivore Botanicals – Bamboo Charcoal & Natural Tea Tree Oil Face Wash ($12)

This potent little bar from Herbivore Botanicals works wonders for cleansing and balancing oily, combination, and blemish prone-skin. Each bar is hand-crafted with a combination of activated bamboo charcoal (draws out impurities from pores, purifies skin), tea tree oil (clarifies and fights blemishes), and bergamot oil (balances oil production). This natural tea tree face wash is gentle yet effective, and perfect as a daily cleansing facial or body bar.


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The product contains only natural ingredients (non-synthetic or lab created). It does not contain anything artificial or synthetic.



The product has been formulated with 100% organically sourced and/or certified organic ingredients.



This product does not contain ingredients which have been genetically modified.



All of the ingredients contained in the product are free from gluten, wheat, and ingredients which are commonly contaminated with gluten.



The product is made without animal products or byproducts such as beeswax, honey, milk, eggs, etc.



The product has received an official organic certification from a third party organization such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Certified Organic), ECOCERT, Australian Certified Organic, and others.

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